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3D Laser modeling for diamond
3D-modelling of diamond by laser to achieve a highly accurate result with minimal material loss and processing risk.
Solid interiorSOLID is an acronym for "Scanner, Optimizer and Laser Integrated Device" and it is a mean of combining a laser sawing/cutting process and a vision system as a single unit. The sequence of actions when using SOLID can be deduced from its name: measuring (scanner), optimizing the yield (optimizer) and simulating and executing laser process (laser).
Starting from a commercially available laser machine for diamond processing, a revolutionary 3D-processing tool is composed was built. By adding 3 degrees of freedom (1 translation and 2 rotations), a measuring device and dedicated software, a powerful tool for lasering diamonds has been developed. By making 3D-processing available, laser processing is not limited to kerving, sawing and 2D-cutting anymore. Thanks to SOLID a diamond can be tabled, cut, and blocked. Not only for round (brilliant) but also for every imaginable shape. Moreover because SOLID uses the powerful software developed for vision, an optimization for maximum yield (taking into account the features of the stone) can easily be accomplished.

SOLID Diamond laser processing
Laser processing offers many advantages compared with classical diamond processing:
-    High speed
-    No grainseeking needed
-    Material is recuperated
SOLID adds to this advantages:
-    Table facetting, girdeling and facetting of every shape
-    No inaccurate and time consuming manual diamond setting
-    Possible to mark any facet, or girdle, on to the rough diamond
-    Take over existing marks on the diamond
-    Fully automated system
The machine has a pick and place unit to make it possible to measure and optimize outside the machine. The diamond holder has a information tag with a read/write possibility. After the decision making the data is placed on a server with the tag index as a key. The diamond with the holder is placed in a tray next to the machine. After the tray is full, or partially filled, the processing can start. Storage tray for measured diamondsThe pick and place robot takes the first holder and positions it above the tag reader. The information of the tag is read and the corresponding data is loaded from the server. The data contains the processing instructions and the diamond is positioned under the laser. After processing the first task the machine checks the remaining tasks for this diamond. If the task list is empty then the diamond is picked up by the pick and place robot and moved back to the tray. This process is repeated until all diamonds in the tray are processed. During processing the tray can be rearranged and stones can be added. One of the major benefits of this machine is the flexibility and accuracy for laser processing of fancy cuts. The overall risk on damage is very small but it is multiplied per task/diamond.
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