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Current WTOCD projects and their status
Melee screening
The M-screen is a superfast, automated melee screening device that screens round brilliant diamonds from 1 point to 20 points for potential lab grown diamonds, potential HPHT colour enhanced diamonds and simulants.
Lumisense - color grading
Lumisense stands for innovative color grading technology. An automatic grading tool can offer improved accuracy, speed and repeatability. However, most important is correlation with human grading.
Hearts and Arrows
Hearts and Arrows
The custom made H&A by HRD Antwerp viewer, developed for HRD Antwerp by WTOCD, solves all H&A grading problems. The tool can be used for visualizing both hearts and arrows patterns in one setup without turning the diamond.
Reflex - ultimate precision proportion grading
The objective of this project is to improve the accuracy of measurement of the proportions of polished diamonds. The main interest is measuring reference diamonds for other commercial scanners.
Polish - quantified polish line measurement
The objective of Avalon was to visualize ‘zoetheid’ of polished gemstone facets better. AvalonPlus provides a quantified grading of polished facets for the polisher together with facet geometry measurements.
Grain Independed Polishing
GIP - Grain Independend Polishing
The aim of this project is to automate the polishing process of diamond. The technique used to accomplish this is a cold polish process which requires no grain seeking.
Cut Study
Cut Study
This project performs a continues ongoing research on standard cuts and cut design and analysis. The study includes the development of a ultra realistic render farm.