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Hearts and Arrows

Everything you should know about Hearts and Arrows...
What is Hearts and Arrows ?
Hearts Arrows
Hearts and Arrows diamonds (H&A) are round brilliants with special patterns visible under specific lighting conditions. They consist of eight hearts when viewed from the pavilion side and eight arrows when viewed from the crown side.
The WTOCD Viewer
WTOCD H&A viewer
The custom made H&A by HRD Antwerp viewer, developed for HRD Antwerp by WTOCD, solves many problems caused by using classical viewers. The tool can be used for visualizing both hearts and arrows patterns in one setup without turning the diamond.

HRD H&A grading system
Logo H&A
To stop the abuse of applying the name "Hearts and Arrows" to stones of an inferior make, HRD decided to let WTOCD develop a grading system for Hearts and Arrows. Diamonds passing the grading receive the "Hearts and Arrows by HRDAntwerp" grade.

Understanding the formation of the patterns
Formation of Hears and Arrows
To improve the knowledge of Hearts and Arrows it is necessary to fully understand the influence of each facet involved in the creation of the patterns.

Cutting H&A, the ultimate quest for precision ...
Diamond polisher
Creating Hearts and Arrows (H&A) is not a trivial task. It is very important that polishers know the relationship between the proportions and the H&A patterns.