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Technology Research Development from a Diamond perpective
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The gem diamond sector is constantly exposed to technological challenges. Diamond manufacturers are under pressure to produce more accurately and more symmetrically polished stones and to obtain a higher yield from the rough. As a consequence, more sophisticated instruments are needed, during production as well as during quality grading of stones.

Do you have a problem we can solve?
WTOCD (Scientific and Technical Research Centre for Diamond) is a team of experienced diamond engineers and scientists that is constantly looking for new techniques and developments that can be implemented in the diamond industry. This results in research projects. WTOCD is at the service of the Belgian diamond sector since 1977 as a Collective Research Centre. This means that research is conducted to support the whole sector. Individual companies can ask WTOCD for personalized technical assistance. WTOCD’s range of research subjects covers the complete chain from rough to polished, including measurement, evaluation, identification and processing.

Do you have a problem we can solve?
Besides these research projects our team of scientists and engineers is at your disposal to help you solve technical and scientific problems. As a Collective Research Centre, WTOCD comprises a Technological Advice Service (TAD). The Advice Service helps the Belgian diamond sector solving specific problems and answering technological questions. In most cases, this advice is for free. For more complex advice a small fee will be asked. TAD also works as a WTOCD-antenna to gather input for new developments, to identify the needs of the sector and to promote new developments. During 2007-2008, 90 companies made use of this service. The advice ranges from answering relatively simple questions (making drawings, optimising new cuts, solving mathematical problems, solving laser related problems and providing information on new techniques) to more complex studies.
Services offered by WTOCD – TAD
• Help with mechanical, electronic, mathematical, IT, laser and optical problems related to diamond
• Advice on intellectual property (patents and protection of new cuts)
• Help with new cuts
o 3D-drawings
o optimization
o plastic diamond models
• Development of special tools and prototyping
• Full 3D-lasermodelling of diamonds
• Supply information on
o cuts
o calculations
o diamond processing (rough planning, sawing, laser processing, bruting, polishing)
o patents
o measurements (colour, proportions, smoothness, clarity)
• For our research we are equipped with sophisticated equipment. This equipment is also used to serve the industry. We can measure dimensions (3D), vibrations, force, torque, pressure, electrical properties, temperature (thermal imaging) etc.
• Publications
o technical publications
o monthly mailing of new diamond related patents   

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