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Technical Facilities

Mechanical processing
CNC-Mill machine DECKEL MAHO type DMU 50T with tool changer,
controler Heidenhein, xyz: 500 x 450 x 400mm
conventional milling machines
    o DECKEL FP2 with digital readout SONY, xyz: 500 x 200 x 500mm
    o DECKEL FP3A with Deckel CNC 2102-readout, xyz: 500 x 300 x 400mm
o Mondiale Celtic 14 with digital readout ACU-RITE III, pieces till Ø365 x 750mm
o Two conventional tooling lathes
o Surface grinder KENT KGS 250AHD, pieces till 460 x 420 x 250mm
o Universal cylindrical grinder M1412, pieces till Ø125 x 350mm
o Band saw STARTRITE HB 225M, pieces till Ø250mm of 400 x 250mm
o Shorting saw for PVC and Aluminium, pieces till tot Ø130 mm
o Table saw machine SCHEPPACK TS 4000, plate thickness till 107mm
Technical advisor Ing. Guy van Goethem, WTOCD