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WTOCD rough diamond analyser
Automark inclusion Automark result
Automark is a result of the AutoMark-project. The system is capable of measuring rough or partially processed diamonds. The 3D-reconstruction is based on shadow images. To measure cavities or inclusions there is a microscope build in. After the measurement a prediction is made of the yield. The proposed solution can be laser marked on to the diamond. If the diamond must be processed by the WTOCD SOLID then a more accurate transfer is used. The system is capable of measuring diamonds up to a size of w:30-l:30-h:20 mm.
The measurement of inclusions is limited to clearly visible inclusions. Coated diamonds need to be windowed before examination. The amount of inclusions is not limited but it can be very time consuming (5 to 10 inclusions is more realistic).During the whole measuring process the position of the diamond is controlled with an accuracy of 1 μm. The data is processed by optimizing software to determine which cut diamond gives the most economical solution. This software is continuously improved by using new optimization techniques and faster hardware.
Technical advisor Ing. Guy van Goethem, WTOCD