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Microscopes for diamond and science
Optical microscopy
Optical microscopyDepending on lighting conditions we can see details as small as 0.1mm (approximately) for an object placed about 25 cm from the naked eye. To view smaller details we are in need of optical aids such as microscopes. A microscope need not even be optical, there are many alternative microscopes who do not use visible light. However for the optical inspection of diamonds the WTOCD uses either the D-scope to examine internal characteristics or a universal precision microscope to examine surface characteristics.
D-ScopeThis stereoscopic microscope is equipped with a dark field lighting system optimized for polished diamond inspection. It allows via contrast enhancement the easy localization of inclusions or defects internal to the diamond. Furthermore it is equipped with a reticule to measure the size of internal characteristics in combination with a reflective lighting system.        
        - Magnification from 6.5 up to 50 times
        - Depth of field as small as 50um

This equipment is shared with HRD Antwerp Research

Reichert-Jung precision microscope
This microscope is very suitable to inspect polished diamond surfaces. Besides standard usage it can be used with polarized light to get contrast enhancement via the Nomarski method or to do interferrometric measurements. Magnification up to 500 times. contrast enhancing true special lighting and filter provisions.
Technical advisor Ing. Guy van Goethem, WTOCD