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Industrial and intellectual property rights

TAD patent services
The gem diamond industry is by its nature unique in the way it works. The quest for personal identity and fame often results in niche creating activities. Maintaining such treasured commodities in the new global economy is a challenge.
Trademarks, registered designs, copyrights, and patents are often the most under-exploited assets of a company. The subject matter, the protective nature of our industry and the lack of IP-knowledge lead to frequent misinterpretation and conflicts.
We have a thorough experience in intellectual property rights in relation to diamond and therefore are appreciated as a first contact point by the industry.
Our services include:
Patent and non-patent ‘Prior Art’ searches
Prior Art is of high importance in defining the scope of protection for new applications as in conflicting cases (opposition or infringement).
State of the art service
WTOCD closely monitors new patent applications, patents granted as well as ‘registered designs’ related to gem, diamond or jewelry. We share this knowledge with the diamond sector in a “State of the art mailing service”.

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In this communication we regularly give updates on new patent applications and granted patents published in the patent databases from the major economical regions (EPO, USPTO, JPO). One can subscribe by simple use of the form.
"State of the art" archive
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IP strategy advise
Ons patentboekje
No experience in patent related issues?

You can read more about patents in the publication at the IWT-website (in Dutch).

The document is kept up to date, so check for the latest version!
frequently asked questions:

"What is protected and what not?"
"How much does it cost to file?"
"How much does it cost to maintain?"
"What if someone claims he owns the cut?"
"Do I infringe a patent?"
"Is the patent valid?"
"Is the patent active?"
"Can I get protection at minimum cost?"
" ..."

We support our industry in answering these questions based on our thorough knowledge and experience.
Initial application drafting
We can help in initial application drafting as to put your application on the right track. 

Technical advisor
Ing. Guy Van Goethem